Israel: A Leadership Laboratory

A small nation, the size of New Jersey, with a population of 8.5 million citizens, Israel – and its people – struggle to deal with exceptional challenges in order to defend its freedom and secure its existence, while maintaining a prosperous and vibrant society.

Regardless of political views, Israel is considered one of the most successful nations in terms of strength of economy, innovative industry, advanced agriculture, excellent education system, and a global leader in Hi-tech and start-ups. All these while enduring
several wars on its borders, and suffering more than 15,000 terror attacks at the home-front – in only seven decades of existence.

Israel presents a unique model of a society that understands the leadership required to manage the intensive difficulties, while pursuing excellence, achievements, and progress. Considered one of the world’s best Leadership-Laboratories, the unique Israeli local approach toward leadership was studied and developed by the Israel Leadership Institute’s experts into an elite training method – and is now ready to be shared.

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