LEADERSHIP, It’s a behavior - Not a title. We Live it.


Confronting and resolving study cases ~ Simulating real-time leadership performance ~Analyzing self-behavior and results ~ Improving tools…

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Considered to be Israel’s most advanced and innovative leadership training school, and presenting the newest state-of-art leadership training methods…

Our team consists of top of the line leaders from all across Israel’s finest organizations such as Israel Defence Forces, Academy, Secret Services and…

Welcome to The Israel Leadership Institute North America!

We represent, promote and develop partnerships for The Israel Leadership Institute (ILI), located in Israel, with US based bodies, organizations and communities.

The Israel Leadership Institute North America – like its parent organization in Israel – is a social endeavor, a non-profit (registered 501 ©3) aimed in sharing the outstanding leadership-training methodology created in Israel: a country regarded as one of the world’s top “laboratories” for leadership development.

 The Israel Leadership Institute is an Israeli-based-globally-growing educational-community, conducting leadership training, inspired by the Biblical and Modern spirit of the Israeli leadership. The goal of the founders of the ILI is to raise the future Davids and Esthers of Israel, and share the “secrets of the method” with the rest of the world, as commanded to be A Light to the Nations.

The Israel Leadership Institute North America is committed to this mission! We welcome you to explore the opportunities to partner with us, and join this fascinating journey.

Todd Appelbaum
ILI North America


Eeki Elner
Founder, Executive Director  
Israel Leadership Institute


Wilma Jordan Smart
Executive Director
ILI North America


The Israel Leadership Institute is a transformational
leadership partner for corporations large and small. For managers, directors, department teams; we reveal,
the leader within each employee, then show each their
path to innovative, personal growth.

The individual wins. The team wins. The company wins.

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