LEADERSHIP It’s a behavior – Not a title. We Live it.

Shalom and welcome!

Since the day we’ve started exploring the challenges of leadership we never stopped aspiring to excel our methods of training and leadership empowerment.

We begun our journey back at the first decade of the 21st century, being the pioneers in Israel in the field of leadership development. Our model relied to some extend on the very famous book “Start-Up Nation”. A book that revealed Israel’s voyage to become the world’s leading player in the start-ups market.

We believed that an investment in a development of a revolutionary training method, based on Israel’s unique culture and existential challenges, translated into a unique and eloquent “language”, will create a new threshold for leadership performance: in Israel, and globally.

The Israel Leadership Institute is today not only the pioneer but also the most advanced leadership-training program in Israel, extending its activity in recent years across the ocean to the USA. Our impact on the future of Israeli society, in the different spheres of leadership: business, government, community and social, is a result of our commitment to make a (big) change. I invite you to join us

Eeki Elner, Founder

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The Israel Leadership Institute is a transformational
leadership partner for corporations large and small. For managers, directors, department teams; we reveal,
the leader within each employee, then show each their
path to innovative, personal growth.

The individual wins. The team wins. The company wins.