In just seven decades of existence, Israel has been forced to fight eight major wars to defend its borders; endure thousands of terror attacks, struggle to develop cities and agriculture out of the desert that occupied most of its land, and build a new nation out of hundreds-of-thousands of immigrants – in that short period.

A small nation, the size of New Jersey, with a population of 8.5 million citizens, Israel – and its people – struggle to deal with exceptional demands to defend its freedom and secure its existence, while developing an economy considered to be one of the most stable and growing in the world. The “Israeli Miracle” as described in the best-seller “Start-Up Nation” is a product of experienced leadership, and the reality that exposes all citizens to challenges – ones that demand all Israelis to participate, take responsibility, and find the leadership within themselves – thus making the term a common ideal among them. Considered one of the world’s best Leadership-Laboratories, the unique Israeli local approach towards leadership was studied and developed by the Israel Leadership Institute’s experts into an elite training method.

While introducing the newest state of the art leadership methods, and applied techniques of dealing with the ongoing transformations in the globalized world from an Israeli perspective, the Israel Leadership Institute (ILI) introduces a unique understanding of leadership in the course of intellectual, mental and practical experiences. Based on a unique methodology developed exclusively by the ILI experts back in 2006, the training approach is based on two main dimensions: The Self-concept of the leader & Leadership Tools, and the reciprocity between the two dimensions.

We believe that developing, creating and strengthening the leader’s self-definition (self-concept as a leader) at the first phase of the training, is imperative to acquiring the requisite skills and tools a leader must have to ensure the desired outcome, and excellent leadership performance. The ILI’s training program is based on an ironclad-principle: Values determine the Results.

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